Mar. 22nd, 2015

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That's just it.

I'm talking about the Anishi revamp that's gonna happen on April 11. I am really not looking forward to it. I mean, it's fine as an SP but keeping it that way as a new format for the show really doesn't make any sense to me. -_- If I wanted to watch individual footage of members, I'd watch Nino-san, Aiba Manabu or hell, even ZERO. But no, I'm watching AniShi because of the interaction between the five of them. Take that away then wtf is Arashi ni Shiyagare? Where is the"Arashi" in that?

(well, maybe they're really busy and schedules won't match but ugh...still.)

Also the new logo pisses me off. What is this, amateur hour? If you're gonna have a new format of the show, at least make a better logo. I'm sure they can do better than that. jfc.

Another thing...I just watched last week's VSA and the new GoGo Sweeper regular handicap rule is just...??? what??? how do they win in it then? I mean, I'd understand -10 but -30? I know, it's a chance to widen the gap between scores to get more content for the show but still, it's a little...too dumb imo.

Ugh. So many things I don't like recently. this is bad for me. lol. Gotta have to take a step back from regular bangumi for a bit to calm down because I don't want to stay pissed. Haha! I have to take a break from Arashi for a while.

I'm gonna binge-watch Red vs. Blue. It's about time I get back to watching Rooster Teeth.
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Pairing: Sakumoto
Genre: Romance, Fluff, is Dumb a genre? lol
Rating: G
Length: 2,869 words
Summary: Sakurai Sho has been in a marriage meeting before but he ended up getting dumped. And he's going to discover the reason why.
A/N: Gross. I haven't published a fic in 2 months?! Ah well. Here's a short one that was inspired by last week's Anishi because why not. Haha. Again, no beta or anything, I also just finished this a few minutes ago. :P
PS. Expect me to edit this later to inlcude gifs of Jun faces that inspired me to write this. Haha! :D Edited! Look at those gifs, pretty sure they fit in so well. Haha!

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