May. 13th, 2015

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WHAT?! It's been a month since I last posted an entry in my LJ? WHAAAAAT. I can't believe this. This also means that I haven't written anything for the past month and fic ideas just keep piling up one after the other. Haha. Ah well, gotta work on that someday. lol.

After that wonderful weekend where I ate my heart out at a buffet restaurant, I still continued to eat my heart out during our event. Haha! I've been busy last April. There was a big gastronomy event that I was a part of and then after that, I just relaxed and stuff, so I didn't really have time to write stuff. :) I just caught up with Arashi, some US series and Rooster Teeth after that. ^_^

Recently, I've been planning to watch some jdramas. Well, I haven't watched Yokoso Wagaya E yet but I'm currently watching ItaKiss, the first one. :) Didn't watch this when it came out 2 years ago so here I am~ And I like it! I mean, I love ISWAK and hated the Korean version (so bland, no emotions ugh) but this one is great! I feel like I'm watching ISWAK again! So yeah, I like it so far and planning to marathon the whole thing over the weekend on top of my plan of watching Ghibli movies too. Haha!

And of course, all the Arashi news! Blast in Miyagi, WWG 2015 and Freestyle 2?! Gonna be a busy few months again for the boys :) So proud of Oh-chan for his Freestyle 2 though. His artist self is going international! Yay! :)

PS. ...there's something I'm very anxious about and I'm waiting for the result. I hope I get it and I'll update here if the result is good or bad. Whew. Wish me luck! (very cryptic and vague, I know, sorry! haha. soon.).


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