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I'm tired and playing is one of my relaxation methods. :) So I played this. I didn't strum it because I feel like it won't sound good on my guitar (also I wanted to avoid the chords changes haha! lazy). It's not perfect as I'm not really good at finger plucking, never really properly learned that shit (again, lazy). I just experiment like this with it. ^_^

Anyway, yeah, I'm a little sick (cough and cold, man, i am not healthy these days) so forgive me.

alright, that's all. Good night! Still have to go to work tomorrow :)

PS. I went for the lullaby type. Feel free to sleep. :P
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Hello~ it's Valentine's Day! I was stuck at home while my parents went on a date. Haha. I was actually working on a fic but I got lazy halfway so instead, I did another one of these. I actually did Niji last night (at about 2am, really) and posted that over at soundcloud. And this one is fresh from the confines of my room. Haha! ...'cause I'm alone so I can belt out those high notes.

Just...Nino's voice is really a force to be reckoned with. It's amazing. I can't even believe I pulled this off! Anyway, here~ :D

Alright, that's enough Nino songs for a while. My voice can't handle too much of his songs as I've got a low one and he's just...something else. Haha! Byeeee~ :D

ah, im gonna post the fic if ever i finish it hahaha.
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I finally finished it. I have no idea how accurate this is 'cause I tabbed it by ear, I know there are several mistakes in there but this is probably as close as I'm gonna get to the song. Haha! I just really wanted to play it on guitar and I'm happy that I didn't have to worry about Sakurap. XD

Anyway, without further ado, here it is. ^_^ Pardon my voice and poor guitar skills...also my recorder isn't really quality. :P

I'll probably edit this later if anyone wants the chords that I did. I'm gonna fix it first 'cause I just typed it down in a hurry and it's all over the place. XD I also figured out the intro finger plucking but I suck at that so I didn't do it. LOL. voice is really low on this one. -_-
Jan. 26th, 2015 03:06 pm


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You know what I like? I like small cakes. Small cakes are the best cakes right? ~~
Look at the cakes I bought since I started celebrating member birthdays! (membirthdays? lol shut up). Nino's the first one on the list since I became a fan on April last year. They're all good cakes~ My favorite ones are Jun and Riida's (not because I ship them, no, not at all HAHA!) because they're the mousse type of cakes. Sho-chan's cake tasted amazing, I ate the whole of it yesterday while watching AniShi. Haha! ^_^

Ugh but I'm still super bummed that I don't have a cake for Aiba because dudeeee his birthday's on December 24! It's hard to get out of the house. Too bad. -_-

Next stop, June again for Nino! :D
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Thank you for all the laughter and smile that you bring with your crazy antics. Thank you for always doing your best in everything. Continue to be an inspiration to us all. I hope that pure and loveable smile stays with you forever~ Thank you for existing, Aiba-kun!

Happy birthday and merry christmas!!! ^_^


[heeeey i gif'd! :P ]
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They were great! Riida's still working hard on his birthday, ne? Thank you, Riida! ^_^ Anyway, otsukaresama to all the performers on Best Artist tonight. I really loved Arashi's hot medley, I was hoping it will win so I'm really glad it did. :) Also, I loved all the wide shots they did for the performances tonight, it's all so pretty. I'm a sucker for wide-shots, you see. I love a good wide-shot of the boys. It's cause it makes them look like they're in a movie~

There's one thing I still can't fathom though... this guy...



Can someone please explain the beauty that is Matsumoto Jun? I CANT FEEL MY HEART DAMN IT ♡ ♡ ♡ You really need to stop being so damn handsome every time. You're gonna be the death of me. :">
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Happy 34th Birthday, Satoshi-kun! Thank you for your unending love, care, dedication and hard work. Thank you for staying with Arashi after all these years. Please continue to show us your adorable smile, inspire us with your words and touch our hearts with your angelic voice~ I love you, Riida! <3

Oops, my hand slipped and I gif spree'd. Haha. Don't ask me how I survived making this gifset with all that cuteness, I also don't know how I'm still alive. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIIDA! <3
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I don't ever want to have a trip with Sakurai Sho. Ever. Haha! That is one hard schedule to follow, damn. Just look for a bit and then on to the next one huh? I can't do that. I like to take it easy. :) Just watching him go about his day tired me out, I can just imagine what he's like every day. XD Also, Sho-kun's selfie game is low. He needs more practice. Haha! ^_^

And then there's this dumb face. The face of a star.

face1 face2
MatsuJun's shopping spree was no joke. Seriously. This guy just...spends and spends, doesn't he? I mean, I understand that shopping "with feeling" but dude, US$900 for a souvenir. You'd really say 嵐でよかった。Hahaha!

jsan1 jsan2
Those are tons of things. He even had to push it in.  I swear to god, he wouldn't even use all of them. If those aren't mostly omiyage for your friends then there will be an unbelievable amount of things in your closet. Haha! Also he bought a fucking ukelele, are you serious. XD This is too amusing for me. Hahaha! (PS. ..THOSE ARMS THOUGH)

If I were to pick who I'd hang out with though, so far, I'd pick Aiba. He seems fun to be with! Also surfing is amazing. <3 As much as I'd love to spend time with Jun-kun, I think majority of his time will go to shopping. Haha! But I'd go with him if he cuts down on the shopping time. XD

Didn't gif the other two. Is it obvious who my ichiban is? Hahaha!

Ahhhhh I want to go on a date at the beach with you~~~

...or see you on a date with Ohno at the beach. *wink* (or Sho-kun...either way haha!)
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Them boiz. I mean look at this. This is wonderful. It amazes me how in sync Juntoshi were in these frames. XD


It's like they practiced it. Haha! I really enjoyed last night's VSA. Korokoro Viking usually gets boring but it was awesome this time. Haha. It's been a while since I've seen Riida be all leader-like.
I also loved the urgency in Nino's voice when he said "どうする?リーダー!". And how Ohno's attention just fully went to him like:
oops. gif spree. Haha. Byeeee~
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That is all. because I needed this on my LJ. ;)
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Goodbye everyone, see you in hell. HAHAHAHA OMG Let Riida choreograph everything from now on please please. PLEASE. I'm dying. I'm dead.

Shake your body!
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I'm dying just from all the member love in Sakurai Ariyoshi episode tonight omg. I don't think I'll survive VSA and NHK's documentary anymore ahhhhhh.


My juntoshi and sakumoto heart can't take this omfggggg


Also MatsuJun looks wonderful in his personal clothes and glasses. My love just further deepened for you my dearest J. God he looks amazing.


And! Riida and J being drunk as shit and touchy with each other UGH MY HEART JUNTOSHIIIIIII


I will gif later or tomorrow as I'm in the middle of a horror movie marathon right now uwu

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So, he's got a new CM, right? I mean, I don't think it's out yet but I've seen the making of it and he's the adorable aircon flying orange paper airplane, right? :) Here's a photo for reference [click it for the source! ^_^ ]

Aircon cutie

That one, right? I think it's false advertising. It's definitely false advertising. No matter how cute he is and how adorable he is sitting on the corner in that CM, it's just...

He can't be an air-conditioner. He just can't. HE'S TOO fucking HOT to be an airconditioner. Hahaha. Imagine having him as your aircon at home though, you probably won't get cold. In fact, you'll flush so hard because of him being there. Haha!

So yes, it's bad advert because he's too hot for that shit. LOL. XD  My brain. Is mush. as per usual. :P

Aircon-heater, yeah. Haha! But still, the aircon part wouldn't be used. XD
Oct. 6th, 2014 11:03 am


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I just heard it! It's so fucking good, man. It's dance-y and stuff. WOW. I think it's a new type of song for Arashi? Or maybe it's just because it's new. But anyhoo, it sounds fresh and I like fresh! I can't wait to see Ohno's choreography to this song! It will be an interesting choreo since it's so upbeat and dance-y. I'm sure he'll deliver it well. THERE'S A PV TOO HA IM EXCITEEEEEED

I'm so glad this is the lead single of The Digitalian. ♡  It deserves to be the lead single. ♡

Good job on another amazing song, Arashi-chan. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

Ah mou~ now I really want to get my first press copy of the album soon, but alas, I'll still get it on February. </3 Haha. No worries though, at least I'll still get it. ^^

Waiting is a pain in the ass. lol
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I saw this on Tumblr so credit goes to the person who shared it :) but it's really interesting. If this is true then I'd have to give huge props to the person who thought about it because this is an amazing idea. ^^


I feel like it's definitely artistic, if somehow, a part of them is hiding behind that LE cover.Wow, ...well anyway, I'm tired so goodnight! :)
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The DIGITALIAN tracklist is out and I'm super happy about it! I was hoping that Sho and MatsuJun are going to sing a ballad for their solos this time around but seeing the title of Sho's solo, I think it's going to be a dance song. Haha! I'm still haping for STAY GOLD to be a little bit ballad-y. XD Cover is out!

Normal edition cover


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Other than MatsuJun's beautiful face (and Riida's one-handed cartwheel) is this:

Ohno Satoshi's dumb face


seriously Riida. hahaha. adorable.
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How do you even exist. <3
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There was this lovely photo on last night's AniShi. It was super lovely, it gave me all the feels. (feels = hysterical laughter)
Anyway, it was this lovely photo of all o them. See how beautiful that is? Why?


We have Mama J and Papa Sho, playing host to the visiting Aunt May J


And their three kids:

Eldest - Maa-kun (with a matured expression because Aunt May J is around, they need to mingle),
Middle - Kazu (who'd much rather play his games than take this photograph...he looks troubled),
Baby - Oh-chan (smiling while sitting on his big brothers' lap because he's a bb)




✰ I'm Cess. Philippines. Nice to meet you. Message me anytime! ✰

Arashi is currently my life and everything they do is dumb but I love them anyway. ♡



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