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mj.gif're welcome.

(havent posted in a while but when I do, I make sure it's involves perversion hahaha i love you all~ :P )
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Thank you for all the laughter and smile that you bring with your crazy antics. Thank you for always doing your best in everything. Continue to be an inspiration to us all. I hope that pure and loveable smile stays with you forever~ Thank you for existing, Aiba-kun!

Happy birthday and merry christmas!!! ^_^


[heeeey i gif'd! :P ]
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They were great! Riida's still working hard on his birthday, ne? Thank you, Riida! ^_^ Anyway, otsukaresama to all the performers on Best Artist tonight. I really loved Arashi's hot medley, I was hoping it will win so I'm really glad it did. :) Also, I loved all the wide shots they did for the performances tonight, it's all so pretty. I'm a sucker for wide-shots, you see. I love a good wide-shot of the boys. It's cause it makes them look like they're in a movie~

There's one thing I still can't fathom though... this guy...



Can someone please explain the beauty that is Matsumoto Jun? I CANT FEEL MY HEART DAMN IT ♡ ♡ ♡ You really need to stop being so damn handsome every time. You're gonna be the death of me. :">
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Happy 34th Birthday, Satoshi-kun! Thank you for your unending love, care, dedication and hard work. Thank you for staying with Arashi after all these years. Please continue to show us your adorable smile, inspire us with your words and touch our hearts with your angelic voice~ I love you, Riida! <3

Oops, my hand slipped and I gif spree'd. Haha. Don't ask me how I survived making this gifset with all that cuteness, I also don't know how I'm still alive. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIIDA! <3
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The feelings just never end these days, does it? First it was the VSA Hawaii SP and yesterday it was NHK's documentary for Blast. I just watched NHK now and man, okay, I cried. Who wouldn't? I don't even know how to explain how I feel without word vomiting. Just...I really admire all of them from the bottom of my heart. Their dedication to their work, their professionalism, their care for each other and for all of their fans. It's making my heart burst with feels.

What got to me first was after Ohno talked about having an awkward situation with Jun and the fact that they could talk and laugh about it that freely then they goofed around with Riida, trying to steal his journal. It really got to me, that part. Because it felt like, yeah there may be days when they do have arguments (whether we know it or not, they probably do sometimes) but they definitely move past it and at the end of the day, they're still the Arashi that we all know and love. ♡

hawaiisp4 hawaiisp5

I mean look at them. Look at how relaxed they are on camera. It's what I seriously love about them. Really. So yeah, my feelings all stem to thanking Arashi for giving it their all for these past 15 years. Watching this NHK docu really strengthened my love for them even more. I know I'm fairly new to being a fan of the whole group, I know I don't have enough knowledge of them as everyone else but even so, these 5 people gives off a familiar vibe that you don't feel alienated even if you're a new. And they continue to be awesome every time. That's something to be thankful for, ne?


See? I told you I was having too many feels. Haha :')
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I don't ever want to have a trip with Sakurai Sho. Ever. Haha! That is one hard schedule to follow, damn. Just look for a bit and then on to the next one huh? I can't do that. I like to take it easy. :) Just watching him go about his day tired me out, I can just imagine what he's like every day. XD Also, Sho-kun's selfie game is low. He needs more practice. Haha! ^_^

And then there's this dumb face. The face of a star.

face1 face2
MatsuJun's shopping spree was no joke. Seriously. This guy just...spends and spends, doesn't he? I mean, I understand that shopping "with feeling" but dude, US$900 for a souvenir. You'd really say 嵐でよかった。Hahaha!

jsan1 jsan2
Those are tons of things. He even had to push it in.  I swear to god, he wouldn't even use all of them. If those aren't mostly omiyage for your friends then there will be an unbelievable amount of things in your closet. Haha! Also he bought a fucking ukelele, are you serious. XD This is too amusing for me. Hahaha! (PS. ..THOSE ARMS THOUGH)

If I were to pick who I'd hang out with though, so far, I'd pick Aiba. He seems fun to be with! Also surfing is amazing. <3 As much as I'd love to spend time with Jun-kun, I think majority of his time will go to shopping. Haha! But I'd go with him if he cuts down on the shopping time. XD

Didn't gif the other two. Is it obvious who my ichiban is? Hahaha!

Ahhhhh I want to go on a date at the beach with you~~~

...or see you on a date with Ohno at the beach. *wink* (or Sho-kun...either way haha!)
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Them boiz. I mean look at this. This is wonderful. It amazes me how in sync Juntoshi were in these frames. XD


It's like they practiced it. Haha! I really enjoyed last night's VSA. Korokoro Viking usually gets boring but it was awesome this time. Haha. It's been a while since I've seen Riida be all leader-like.
I also loved the urgency in Nino's voice when he said "どうする?リーダー!". And how Ohno's attention just fully went to him like:
oops. gif spree. Haha. Byeeee~
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That is all. because I needed this on my LJ. ;)
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Goodbye everyone, see you in hell. HAHAHAHA OMG Let Riida choreograph everything from now on please please. PLEASE. I'm dying. I'm dead.

Shake your body!
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Dude, I don't even know what I'm watching anymore now. Hahaha!

First it was OhMatsuMiya, now Sakuraiba. What even. BRING IT ON. ALL THE MEMBER LOVEEEEEEE

Seriously, professional boob grabbers: Sakuraiba. Hahaa!
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That stretching thing really does wonders to the body. Hahaha! Nino, you're so dumb omg. HAHAHA. Also, poor Riida, getting bullied so hard this episode. All the member love though <3 My heart and eyes just drifted towards OhMatsuMiya during this episode hoho

#StopTheBullying2014 Hahaha! Member loveeeeee
Oct. 11th, 2014 10:34 am


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Sho-kun being ダサイ. Haha! But I think it was cool though, well, not cool, more like comfortable. It made him seem more human and less "celebrity". I mean, it made him feel like someone another person can relate to. Am I saying this right? Hahaha. :D

Had to gif because too cute. Haha! Can't gif his glorious back shot because I CANT FEEL MY THROAT, MY HEART IS TRYING TO COME OUT OF IT <3 <3
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Last night I was reeling from Juntoshi / Yama / Sakumoto from Abunai Yakai. Now, it's VS Arashi's turn. Hahaha. My eyes just keep drifting towards the pairs and skinships and cuteness, okay. CAN YOU BLAME ME. No, no you can't. ;)


But seriously, LQ gifs are the worst. -_- but my feelsssss
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It was probably the best episode for Juntoshi, Sakumoto and Yama pair! There was so much loveeeee goddamn it. STOP PLAYING WITH MY FEELINGS


I would like to thank not only God but also Jesus for drunk Juntoshi + touchy feely <3 and for Riida's steamy stares to Sho <3



all caps because my feelings are intense.
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I mean seriously, look at him.


Look at him in all his puffy cheek, buckteeth glory. Haha! It's so embarrassingly cute, I can't believe he's the Jun we know now. Cutie. But the fact that he still acts like this even in his 30s, it didn't really change. His mannerisms. Like that lipbite. Aaaahhhh I'm feeling all the feels ♡ ♡

...btw, this is me trying to distract myself from reading too many heart clenching Arashi fics. [damn you Ohmiya writersssss, you wound me].
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Other than MatsuJun's beautiful face (and Riida's one-handed cartwheel) is this:

Ohno Satoshi's dumb face


seriously Riida. hahaha. adorable.
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How do you even exist. <3
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Riida and J went snorkeling!!! That is all that matters. Also Nino played games as usual. <3 Everything was so fun I just...I can't feel my heart and my cheeks from smiling so much. <3

I love these men with all my heart. And My Girl Hawaii version is so good! and those white suits! WHAT EVEN <3 I went on a gif spree!


Also they are big dumb farts. Poor Oh-chan. Haha! But on the bright side, Sakuraiba + Matsumiya <3


But seriously guys, get some rest. It was probably 12 or 1 am in Hawaii because it was live. Get some sleep, Arashi-chan! :D
Sep. 15th, 2014 04:59 pm


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It's fun! hahaha. Also my gif-making skills are improving. I'm just never going to learn coloring, enhancing and putting text over my gifs because im super lazy. lol.


:) I'll post one more :)


✰ I'm Cess. Philippines. Nice to meet you. Message me anytime! ✰

Arashi is currently my life and everything they do is dumb but I love them anyway. ♡



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