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I don't ever want to have a trip with Sakurai Sho. Ever. Haha! That is one hard schedule to follow, damn. Just look for a bit and then on to the next one huh? I can't do that. I like to take it easy. :) Just watching him go about his day tired me out, I can just imagine what he's like every day. XD Also, Sho-kun's selfie game is low. He needs more practice. Haha! ^_^

And then there's this dumb face. The face of a star.

face1 face2
MatsuJun's shopping spree was no joke. Seriously. This guy just...spends and spends, doesn't he? I mean, I understand that shopping "with feeling" but dude, US$900 for a souvenir. You'd really say 嵐でよかった。Hahaha!

jsan1 jsan2
Those are tons of things. He even had to push it in.  I swear to god, he wouldn't even use all of them. If those aren't mostly omiyage for your friends then there will be an unbelievable amount of things in your closet. Haha! Also he bought a fucking ukelele, are you serious. XD This is too amusing for me. Hahaha! (PS. ..THOSE ARMS THOUGH)

If I were to pick who I'd hang out with though, so far, I'd pick Aiba. He seems fun to be with! Also surfing is amazing. <3 As much as I'd love to spend time with Jun-kun, I think majority of his time will go to shopping. Haha! But I'd go with him if he cuts down on the shopping time. XD

Didn't gif the other two. Is it obvious who my ichiban is? Hahaha!

Ahhhhh I want to go on a date at the beach with you~~~

...or see you on a date with Ohno at the beach. *wink* (or Sho-kun...either way haha!)
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Dude, I don't even know what I'm watching anymore now. Hahaha!

First it was OhMatsuMiya, now Sakuraiba. What even. BRING IT ON. ALL THE MEMBER LOVEEEEEEE

Seriously, professional boob grabbers: Sakuraiba. Hahaa!
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That stretching thing really does wonders to the body. Hahaha! Nino, you're so dumb omg. HAHAHA. Also, poor Riida, getting bullied so hard this episode. All the member love though <3 My heart and eyes just drifted towards OhMatsuMiya during this episode hoho

#StopTheBullying2014 Hahaha! Member loveeeeee
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The title sucks, I know, but those are my feelings. HAHA! No, I just watched 2011.09.03 AniShi with the ♩ ♬ janken poi poi ♩ ♬ and helloooo pairings. Haha. May I just say that my Juntoshi and Matsumiya heart has been sated and I don't think anything can ruin my day anymore. LOL.

I had a hard time trying to find the episode last night but thankfully, after going through a lot of websites that I don't understand (fearing for my laptop and hoping that it won't get a virus of some sort), I found it in the dark depths of a website that I didn't know about. Haha! It was the best!

I hope someone decides to sub it because it's a fun episode. Haha! But for the meantime, I will bask in the after glow of Nino's words about MatsuJun saying "大丈夫?" first instead of "もしもし" when he picks up Neen's calls ♡♡♡♡. least, that's how I understood it. I hope I'm right. Hahaha! [I barely know any Japanese so.. :P]
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There was this lovely photo on last night's AniShi. It was super lovely, it gave me all the feels. (feels = hysterical laughter)
Anyway, it was this lovely photo of all o them. See how beautiful that is? Why?


We have Mama J and Papa Sho, playing host to the visiting Aunt May J


And their three kids:

Eldest - Maa-kun (with a matured expression because Aunt May J is around, they need to mingle),
Middle - Kazu (who'd much rather play his games than take this photograph...he looks troubled),
Baby - Oh-chan (smiling while sitting on his big brothers' lap because he's a bb)


May. 30th, 2014 12:03 am

AnShi #177

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I've finally watched and understood Mizuhara Kiko's AnShi episode thanks to the people at B&C and onaji_sora! It was extremely fun! I think I just laughed myself into the next century or two.

Every single one of them was funny in this episode. I'm not even kidding, it was too fun! :D
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May. 18th, 2014 04:21 pm

AnShi #176

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Finally got my hands on last week's AnShi (2014.05.10) thanks to the lovely people from [ profile] onaji_sora and I must say, it was really fun to watch! But also draining. Haha. Watching them all bully Oh-chan and being harsh was actually very entertaining for some reason. lol. And I wasn't surprised at all that Jun won because, of course, who else is a big bully in their group, right? It's why I like him so much: controlled danger. Hahaha! :P

What I loved though was how he went straight for Leader after the acting scene and hugged him. That was too cute and sweet! Juntoshi!! ^_^

Juntoshi is strong on this one

I was laughing uncontrollably at Aiba's scene though. Haha! He really can't get angry, it turns out to be comedic if he tries too hard! lol. And the way everyone kept laughing at what was happening also made me laugh as well. Their reactions are too good! :P

Lastly, even Nino's scene was really tense. It's because when a nice guy gets angry, you know that it's real. Haha. It has a huge impact. ^^

But his face afterwards...

Nino's laugh too

Really, these guys doesn't know how to get angry at all. At each other or otherwise. Haha. I love them all.

PS. I can't wait for anyone to sub last night's AnShi! Mizuhara Kiko-chaaaaaan. (She also had a corner with Jun!!! CANT WAIT!)


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