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You might wonder what the hell's going on with my LJ. I'm tweaking the layout so apologies to those currently reading my fics for the sudden background changes when you refresh the page.

Sorry! I'll be done soon, hopefully. Hehe :)


Done! I'll stick with this one for a while. It's cleaner. The other one was too colorful, it made me want to vomit. I'm judging my 2014 self for choosing all those colors. lol.
Dec. 14th, 2015 01:29 pm

Dead again

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It's been a while since I've updated, right? Only update when I post fics which doesn't really happen all that much nowadays too and probably won't happen anytime soon because my laptop is dead again. Same problem like last time where it got stuck in the Automatic Repair loop and won't boot. Basically tried everything I can to fix it but nothing's working, I honestly don't know what to do anymore at this point.

Prbably just going to bring it back to the shop and have them fix it. Although I'd also probably become a serial killer on the spot if they don''t manage to save my files because this'll be the third time I'm bringing this laptop back to them since I bought it last June. This is a fucking world record now, ASIS. Is this the kind of shit product they sell? Because it's the worst laptop experience I've ever had in my life--and I've already had a few. Goddamn it.

Just really hope that my files, both personal and work files, are safe or else. Ugh.

This feels like May 2014 all over again. Damn it.
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WHAT?! It's been a month since I last posted an entry in my LJ? WHAAAAAT. I can't believe this. This also means that I haven't written anything for the past month and fic ideas just keep piling up one after the other. Haha. Ah well, gotta work on that someday. lol.

After that wonderful weekend where I ate my heart out at a buffet restaurant, I still continued to eat my heart out during our event. Haha! I've been busy last April. There was a big gastronomy event that I was a part of and then after that, I just relaxed and stuff, so I didn't really have time to write stuff. :) I just caught up with Arashi, some US series and Rooster Teeth after that. ^_^

Recently, I've been planning to watch some jdramas. Well, I haven't watched Yokoso Wagaya E yet but I'm currently watching ItaKiss, the first one. :) Didn't watch this when it came out 2 years ago so here I am~ And I like it! I mean, I love ISWAK and hated the Korean version (so bland, no emotions ugh) but this one is great! I feel like I'm watching ISWAK again! So yeah, I like it so far and planning to marathon the whole thing over the weekend on top of my plan of watching Ghibli movies too. Haha!

And of course, all the Arashi news! Blast in Miyagi, WWG 2015 and Freestyle 2?! Gonna be a busy few months again for the boys :) So proud of Oh-chan for his Freestyle 2 though. His artist self is going international! Yay! :)

PS. ...there's something I'm very anxious about and I'm waiting for the result. I hope I get it and I'll update here if the result is good or bad. Whew. Wish me luck! (very cryptic and vague, I know, sorry! haha. soon.).
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Yes. I did have a very wonderful weekend~ :) After a long and hard work week, me and my brother treated our parents to a dinner buffet and man, was it awesomeeeee. Well, it was from my first salary so my mom was super excited for it, you know, moms. haha! So yeah, it was great. Everything was amazing. I ate all the Japanese food that my stomach can handle. I tried chawanmushi for the first time.

Dudeeee. Look at that plate. Haha! It's an eat-all-you-can buffet too so I ate until I felt like I was gonna explode. LOL.

But yeah, so after this, the wonderful weekend continued with my mom actually saying "Let's watch something." and I was like, "What?" and she went, "Concerts?" And just... WHAT hahaha! She's asking it on her own now (well, I did force her to watch with me on Saturday morning because the AC in her room was on so I hung out in there and monopolized her TV by watching Scene in Kokuritsu haha!) Yeah, Sunday afternoon she's like "let's watch again" because the production of Arashi concerts still amazes her.

So right, we watched Scene on Saturday and we watched Popcorn on Sunday (I let her pick haha!). We watched it at night too and my dad was there last night with me and my mom just laughing because he couldn't sleep at how we're partying out to Arashi songs. Haha!

What made it more awesome was, of course we know how Juntoshi are with concerts right? Especially during A Day, and my mom finds it really amusing that Juntoshi are that cute. Haha! I explained that Ohno was the oldest and Jun was the youngest and here are her comments:

"He's (Jun) looking at the other one (Ohno) like he's a girl *laugh*"
"That Ohno's really the girl in this relationship"
"I'm telling you, they're boyfriends"

There were literally tears in my eyes. Haha! I was laughing so hard it but my heart was so happy 'cause my mom ships Juntoshi HAHAHA. This was because she already watched a lot of concerts already. lol. it was really funny. XD

Also, I'm so proud of her because she already knows the members by name and face. So proud. I'm turning my mom into an Arashi fan and it's great~ wooo~ see why it's a wonderful weekend? Hahaha! :P
Mar. 27th, 2015 08:38 pm


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"Jun Matsumoto looks like a bird or chicken" - these are, I think, the words uttered by my friend's Japanese student. And I gotta say, how dare him. SERIOUSLY.




im fucking crying i have lost all my sanity good bye cruel world it was nice being a part of this fandom hahahahahaha

don't sweat them haters/bitter men HAHAHA THERE ARE TEARS MY PHOTOSHOP SKILLZ R WONDERFUL lololol XD
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I left the office early today because I had to go to the cemetery to pay my respects to my late grandfather. I left before 5pm because I got scared that it'd get dark around me hahaha. I am weak. lol.

It's his birthday today! He would have been 90 years old. :) I love my granddad. He left us when I was just 9 years old but those were amazing 9 years. I'm the youngest child, you see, out of all of us--I mean all the relatives. I'm already the youngest. Pretty awesome being the youngest; aunts doted on me while cousins bullied me a lot. Haha! So my granddad was always with me, I'm basically his fave even though I'm a brat and I bully him a lot (I remember throwing slippers at him when I was 3 haha!). But yeah, even if we fought because I'm a piece of shit, I was really close with him. ^_^

I was going to spend a whole 30 minutes to pray in the cemetery but it got dark and I was afraid that it'll rain so I left. I hope he heard my prayers though. :) I really don't know why we still celebrate birthdays even though they're dead but that's just the way it goes, i guess~ ^^

Happy birthday, Lolo! Hope he's doing great in heaven~ ^^
Mar. 24th, 2015 07:40 am

7:30 a.m.

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Today. A lot has already happened that's so amusing for me that it's making me want to laugh aloud. Haha! So, right, it's still 7:30am, the day haven't even really started yet and look at me being dumb. Alright, first thing that happened was I woke up at 4:30. You know, the usual--I ate, took a bath, got dressed and punched myself in the mouth. I DID.

I fucking punched myself in the mouth while getting dressed. Who does that? Well, HAHA! I was getting dressed right, pretty sure I was trying to get something and somehow I ended up punching myself. I don't know how or why or what the hell I'm doing but it hurts. My upper left lip hurts. Ah well, sometimes you do dumb things.

Then, it was a little rainy in our area so there was mud all over the place. I almost, ALMOST, landed face first in the mud. That was at 5:15 am and I was just about to ride my transpo to work. God, good thing I got my balance back or else I'll definitely be covered in gross stuff. My shoes became a mess though, with mud all over it but thanks shoes! You saved a life. lol XD

So I get on the van to work at 5:15 right and we left immediately but then the van ran over something sharp in a deep puddle which punctured the one of the back wheels and we had to transfer to another van. That took about...20 minutes or so. So we left the area at 6 already. Then arrived here at 6:56 am or something. Hm.

Hmmm. Whyyyy. That's a lot of things for an early morning. Haha. I wonder what else will happen today~ LOL. Good morning!
Mar. 22nd, 2015 02:50 pm


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That's just it.

I'm talking about the Anishi revamp that's gonna happen on April 11. I am really not looking forward to it. I mean, it's fine as an SP but keeping it that way as a new format for the show really doesn't make any sense to me. -_- If I wanted to watch individual footage of members, I'd watch Nino-san, Aiba Manabu or hell, even ZERO. But no, I'm watching AniShi because of the interaction between the five of them. Take that away then wtf is Arashi ni Shiyagare? Where is the"Arashi" in that?

(well, maybe they're really busy and schedules won't match but ugh...still.)

Also the new logo pisses me off. What is this, amateur hour? If you're gonna have a new format of the show, at least make a better logo. I'm sure they can do better than that. jfc.

Another thing...I just watched last week's VSA and the new GoGo Sweeper regular handicap rule is just...??? what??? how do they win in it then? I mean, I'd understand -10 but -30? I know, it's a chance to widen the gap between scores to get more content for the show but still, it's a little...too dumb imo.

Ugh. So many things I don't like recently. this is bad for me. lol. Gotta have to take a step back from regular bangumi for a bit to calm down because I don't want to stay pissed. Haha! I have to take a break from Arashi for a while.

I'm gonna binge-watch Red vs. Blue. It's about time I get back to watching Rooster Teeth.
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I'm tired and playing is one of my relaxation methods. :) So I played this. I didn't strum it because I feel like it won't sound good on my guitar (also I wanted to avoid the chords changes haha! lazy). It's not perfect as I'm not really good at finger plucking, never really properly learned that shit (again, lazy). I just experiment like this with it. ^_^

Anyway, yeah, I'm a little sick (cough and cold, man, i am not healthy these days) so forgive me.

alright, that's all. Good night! Still have to go to work tomorrow :)

PS. I went for the lullaby type. Feel free to sleep. :P
Mar. 10th, 2015 08:04 pm

It's here!

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Look what arrived in the mail today!


It's here [ profile] coolohoh! Thank you~! I just got home from work after 3 long hours of traffic and this is the first thing I saw on the table. Haha. Yay~ Definitely puts me in a good mood and made me forget about my headache. Haha!

Bookmark is so cute! The postcard is beautiful. :) Thanks so much, mafia boss and the whole team too! :P
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I'm going to watch Pikanchi all day! I mean all the three movies if I can. Haha. Still haven't started yet 'cause I was making lunch. Also, as it is Sunday, I tried making a thing. Haha! Will eat these while watching Pikanchi~ woop woop

I actually also made some onigiri but it's an abomination that you don't need to see. Hahaha! Triangle onigiri is a pain in the ass to make okaaaay -_- I can't do it. I really can't.

Let's lunch! ^_^
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This. :( When can I finish these?! :'(

I'm looking at it and I'm just really sad because I have all these fics that I'm starting/halfway done and I can't finish anything. Damn it. I really want to publish one soon but you know that feeling that it's not quite right yet? I'm not satisfied with it (that Ohmiya one is done but I can't feel the emotions so I'm not publishing it yet).

Rockstar AU and Photographers AU is really coming along nicely too but it's not done yet. I need more material for it. Ugh. (PS. Look at it [ profile] matsujunki3, I'm actually writing the photographers and rockstar au! hahaha XD)

Sigh~ Now, I think I'm working on the LA Juntoshi one but that's taking a while. -_- And videos to watch keep piling up! That's why I can't find time to sit down and just focus on writing.
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Okay, so I officially start at work tomorrow! It'll definitely be busy because my office is far from the house. Actually, no it's not, it's supposed to be just a 45 minute drive but traffic is HORRID in this country. So I leave at 5am for an 8am call time, 3hours allotted time for traffic and just the overall stupidity of our roads.

It's a government post so there'll be lots of overtimes for sure and I think I can go home at 10 or 11pm at the latest. T^T It's making me cry already. Sigh. But, you gotta do what you gotta do in life. I have to endure to succeed! I can't just be a bum forever. :P

There'll be less Arashi time but good thing is I can download stuff at work 'cause we've got internet over there. So there we go. Just gonna be busy from this day forth. ^_^
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Hello~ it's Valentine's Day! I was stuck at home while my parents went on a date. Haha. I was actually working on a fic but I got lazy halfway so instead, I did another one of these. I actually did Niji last night (at about 2am, really) and posted that over at soundcloud. And this one is fresh from the confines of my room. Haha! ...'cause I'm alone so I can belt out those high notes.

Just...Nino's voice is really a force to be reckoned with. It's amazing. I can't even believe I pulled this off! Anyway, here~ :D

Alright, that's enough Nino songs for a while. My voice can't handle too much of his songs as I've got a low one and he's just...something else. Haha! Byeeee~ :D

ah, im gonna post the fic if ever i finish it hahaha.
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I finally finished it. I have no idea how accurate this is 'cause I tabbed it by ear, I know there are several mistakes in there but this is probably as close as I'm gonna get to the song. Haha! I just really wanted to play it on guitar and I'm happy that I didn't have to worry about Sakurap. XD

Anyway, without further ado, here it is. ^_^ Pardon my voice and poor guitar skills...also my recorder isn't really quality. :P

I'll probably edit this later if anyone wants the chords that I did. I'm gonna fix it first 'cause I just typed it down in a hurry and it's all over the place. XD I also figured out the intro finger plucking but I suck at that so I didn't do it. LOL. voice is really low on this one. -_-
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I'm almost done with the chords of Koe. I'm tabbing by ear and I've forgotten how hard this is. It's hard to be accurate about it and just make it sound right. ...I've been listening to it these past few weeks and a few days back, I was like "This will be great to play on the guitar". Since it was a ballad that didn't have a rap part I can play the full song without skipping something, I mean I love Sho's rap but it's hard to sing it when I want to play it on the guitar. Haha!

I actually searched for it online first, if anyone else figured out the chords already and there are some but I'm meticulous with sounds so I just made my own. 'Cause the one I saw online sounded to pitchy for me. Haha! So yeah, I'm almost done and would probably record it when it's okay to listen to. Haha.

I'm also working on Kono Mama Motto but as I've said, Sakurap is hard. -_- LOL
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I feel like I'm gonna die. Hahaha!

I literally told my friend that if I die tonight, I want everything to be buried with me. Hahaha! 'cause I went out with my friends and we were out all day then we went back here at my house and drank the shit out of a few mixed drinks. I have no idea what I've ingested anymore 'cause my friends are pieces of shit and just kept mixing and matching. We had gin, tequila and vodka i think? mixed with different juices, there was cola and coffee in there too, I dont know anymore.

I'm not drunk. Not at all. I have a high alcohol tolerance but dude, my stomach is doing flips haha! I'm more worried about my stomach than anything else. LOL. I feel hungry but I also feel like throwing up and also pooping. Hahaha! It's really bad 'cause everything got mixed up. My face is just really heating up from all those things and I know I'm probably really red-faced now. XD I need water, probably. hahaha.

But it was fun. It's been a while since me and my friends met because of work and being busy so everyone just kinda lost it. Haha!

Now, I think I'll just crawl to bed and die there haha.
Jan. 29th, 2015 01:04 pm

Uh oh...

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I did a bad. I really did a bad. I hate accidentally doing bad things too and well, I did something unacceptable accidentally a few days ago. Learned my effing lesson to not do shit after 12 midnight or while teaching my class. Ah, if you're wondering what it is, well, I made a gifset with translations over at tumblr and posted it. The bad thing I did was, first, I forgot to ask for permission before posting it (which is a big no-no, I know) and apparently, my dumb brain forgot to put credits in the tag too (this, I blame for the tons of tags I use in tumblr and for my brain having a seizure at 1 a.m.).

Goddamn it. Also, it really didn't cross my mind after posting it too. What is wrong with me. Thank christ for someone alerting me about it (hello [ profile] gurajiorasu! thank you really, for telling me about the tweet ^_^ ).

Yeah. And my heart hurts now and it will until I get a reply from the person I accidentally upset. I really know how important it is to ask permission and credit and I understand how upsetting it is to have your work taken from you without permission. Also, I hate upsetting people and breaking rules, even accidentally, you know? It doesn't sit well with me. I tend to have really bad anxiety too when I know I did something really wrong (like right now, waiting for a reply from her is literally giving me anxiety, I can't digest food. I couldn't eat dinner last night and I'm still not hungry at all now even if it's already 1 p.m.). I just...I feel really bad about it.

Guess there's not much I can do but worry and wait. Ah mistakes, sometimes I suck at things. Well, gotta learn at some point right?
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I cannot, for the love of me, comprehend what other people's problems are in GTA V online. I just...I get on, I try to find a job or a thing to do, be it anything, races or something but people are always killing left and right. Even when you're minding your own business. I can't even go to ammunation without trying to get away from pricks. -_-

Open world is great and all but man, it's hard to function when everyone's being assholes. This is why I always switch to Uncharted, The Last of Us or Mass Effect's online multiplayer. They're so much better. ...or maybe I just really suck at GTA online. >_<

Meh. It's 1:30 and I'm still in the middle of a game. Ha! Wonder how long I can stay up playing this time. Uncharted, get out of my system. XD

PS, my record is until 7am with no sleep. Halo does things to you. XD
Jan. 26th, 2015 03:06 pm


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You know what I like? I like small cakes. Small cakes are the best cakes right? ~~
Look at the cakes I bought since I started celebrating member birthdays! (membirthdays? lol shut up). Nino's the first one on the list since I became a fan on April last year. They're all good cakes~ My favorite ones are Jun and Riida's (not because I ship them, no, not at all HAHA!) because they're the mousse type of cakes. Sho-chan's cake tasted amazing, I ate the whole of it yesterday while watching AniShi. Haha! ^_^

Ugh but I'm still super bummed that I don't have a cake for Aiba because dudeeee his birthday's on December 24! It's hard to get out of the house. Too bad. -_-

Next stop, June again for Nino! :D


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